01/06/2015 16:14

Exhibitions, concerts, presentations and other charity events are being held to raise financial funds to help Nepal severely affected by the destructive earthquake. Here is the list of all events that have been organized so far. We would like to invite you to those that will follow. Please, check our events calendar on our web regularly.

20/05/2015 10:58

We joined the Shelter Cluster Nepal enabling better coordination between individual relief participants,  including local and international organizations and the government, so the people in need get help faster and in more efficient way.

19/05/2015 11:16

  A collection for Nepal was held in cooperation with the Czech Radio. An interview with the head of the Namaste association Tomáš Beránek at Czech Radio Radiožurnál station on 21st May 2015.

10/05/2015 10:32

Our partner organization DCWC handed over immediate humanitarian aid acquired with the money raised by Namaste Nepal. The distribution was assisted by Czech volunteers – the cameraman Michal Reich and the coordinator of the MELA#2 school Eva Neumayerová.

04/05/2015 16:19

 We have sent 500 thousand CZK (20,835 USD) as an immediate help within the “Relief” phase (i.e. to help the people survive and start new life).  Our team consisting of the DCWC Nepalese association and our volunteers has delivered tons of food and material aid (tarps, blankets, water containers etc.) to remote and hardly accessible areas.

01/05/2015 16:34

In cooperation with the DCWC organization we are helping in Rajbas area, Kabhre district that was severely effected by the earthquake. The hospital in Rajbas is operating non-stop and people are treated free of charge.


29/04/2015 10:03

Some good news has finally arrived from Nepal. Both schools built according to the new plan have passed the hard test of the earthquake and they are still STANDING! Both the Bamboo School in Anaikot and the new school MELA#2 in Mahadévtar, which had been oficially opened just before the earthquake, survived the earthquake without any damage.

26/04/2015 18:41

According to the latest news, in some of the areas up to 95% of the buildings have been destroyed, the number of victims is still growing.

25/04/2015 18:31

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 and the epicentre about 80 km north-west of Kathmandu struck mainly in the capital of Nepal where several hundreds of people have died and many buildings, mainly old ones, have been destroyed, including historical buildings near the Darbar square. Czech volunteers who are in Nepal at the moment are safe.

18/04/2015 13:35

In cooperation with the Livingstone travel agency an exhibition called Shangri-la has been opened in České Budějovice. The official opening ceremony was attended by the Queen Mother of Bhutan, the Bhutanese ambassador for the EU and the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade. The Ministry of Education of Bhutan asked Namaste Nepal to build a MELA school in Bhutan.

06/04/2015 13:10

Journalists, regional politicians, Czech honorary Consul in Nepal, DCWC representatives, local residents with their children and last but not least Czech volunteers who took part in final works – they all participated in the official opening ceremony of the MELA#2 school in Mahadevtar yesterday. However, where would we be without Eva Neumayerová, the coordinator and our person number one in Nepal in connection with the construction?

05/04/2015 12:57

During our last visit to Nepalese schools we distributed colourful crochet hats that made the Nepalese kids very happy – they kept wearing them every day although it was quite warm. The hats were made by nurses from the hospital in Kladno. Many thanks to all of them.

12/01/2015 15:11

The construction of the school in Mahadevtar, Nepal has already started! You can now also contribute to the construction through the HitHit project!


01/01/2015 15:08

Thank you all for your help and support and wishing you a happy new year 2015.

21/11/2014 17:34

You can contribute to the construction of the MELA school in Mahadevtar by sending your financial gift to the account of Namaste Nepal.

21/11/2014 17:05

We are looking for volunteers for a construction of a new ecological MELA school built of earth and bamboo.

01/11/2014 15:58

The cycling and outdoor festival OBZORY takes place at the weekend 1st and 2nd November 2014 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague. In the programme you can find the photo exhibition MUSTANG – IN THE AIR OF THE HIMALAYAN DESERT, a Nepalese shop, advisory point for travellers to Nepal and a mandala drawing workshop.

29/10/2014 15:57

The SHANGRI-LA exhibition about the Himalayan countries India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan can still be seen in the main building of the Západočeské Museum in Pilsen.

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